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Directory Listing Of rooter service plumbing contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Message Board - Since 1995, we have built our business on the hard work of the most trusted plumbers Toronto has to offer, as well as our expert, professional drain technicians. In this post, we?d like to share some of the great feedback our everyday customers have provided for our onsite employees who provide plumbing services throughout the GTA. Get free quotes - tub repair, gas water heater services, septic inspection, drain field installation ..More

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New Reviews for Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter

Top 10 plumbing repair contractors - DIY Guide Blogs - ? ? Marie Gilbert. ?The plumber who showed up was Will, along with Alex. Start a forum, ask queries on house plumbing, boiler repair, garbage disposal installation, septic tank pumping, leak detection, fix leaky faucet.. They both arrived on time and called me 30 minutes before arriving at my home?They were clean, courteous, and did a good job of explaining what was needed for my plumbing issues?I will use them for any future plumbing matters ..More

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Energy & Water Efficient Washers

Locate Nearby plumber contractors - plumbing DIY Blog Pages - Robinson?s Plumbing serves Charlottesville, Richmond and the surrounding areas. Once you?ve made a decision, give us a call if you need to install or adjust your washer and dryer hookups. Finding the washer that?s right for you means finding the washer that strikes a perfect balance between efficiency, price, features and size. Ask queries, forum and find assistance from plumbing company on hot water heater problems, shower repair, septic tank treatment, leak locators, dripping faucet repair.. When selecting a new washer, try not to be swayed by fancy finishes and sleek designs, instead prioritize what items are most important to you and focus on that list when making your buying decision ..More

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Toilet Clogs

Listings Of professional plumbers - Blog Topics - a Old pipes are struggling to stay intact and any extra pressures to the system will eventually cause problems. aIf you have large trees which you wish to keep, it is advisable you replace the main pipe leading from your home to the street. a How long it takes to back up to the house is never predictable, but it will happen. a Newer pipes are made of sturdier, more reliable plastic materials, but it is always better to keep areas around pipes free of roots. a If you are not prepared to do this in the immediate future, it is also a good idea to install a clean-out at the front of your house. a With age, normal wear and tear, and the shaking from little and big earthquakes, cracks and breaks will occur. aaaOther recommendations are that you not use bum wipes as they are thick and end up being culprits in clogs. a We recommend replacement ofayour old main, but if you can?t do so immediately, please contact us to check out your system so we can help you make a plan to do regular line clearing with a snake, (particularly if you have trees near the pipes. aaWhen large trees are an issue, we stronglyarecommend maintenance of your pipes by doing a snake now and then to clear the roots and avoid a massive back=up to the house. aaaAvoid using toilet paper that is ultra thick. a These are all notorious clog makers. a There are some wonderfully soft one-ply and septic safe products on the market these days and they are much more suited to a difficult plumbing system. a We can assess your plumbing system and advise as to how often you should take this action. aaaIf you are ready to replace your sewer line, we are happy to do the work for you and we are expert in replacing the main sewer line to your home. a Toilet paper and anything else not small enough to pass through tangled roots will get caught. First, do not plant trees in the path, on top of, nor in close proximity to your main. a Do not use toilet scrubbing brushes that use flushable scrubbers as they may perhaps not dissolve as quickly as necessary to keep the line clear. )aaIn the event the water starts to rise and won?t stop, turn the water to the toilet off immediately and contact us. These openings which can happen in ceramic pipes are prime territory for roots to creep in, cause more damage, and plug the main. a A clean-out is a pipe leading up to the surface connecting to the main which allows easier access for a large snake to clear the main. Free contractor estimates - unclog bathtub, grease trap installation, septic solutions, fix leaking tap. a With newer pipes this is not as much of an issue, but in an older home, the main is ceramic. a It avoids having to remove toilets and make mess in the home. aOf course, the usual advice is to never flush facial tissue, make-up remover pads, cotton balls, paper towels, diapers, infant cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, nor condoms. a This is especially true in an older home. a If these are must haves in your home, we are happy to provide the regular snaking maintenance to help prevent clogs. a We provide service 24 hours a day and remember, WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR EMERGENCY AND OFF-HOUR CALLS! ..More

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