Forum Title: Plumbing a new addition and I need advice since it's my first time
I'm just an old man who needs some advice on my attempt to plumb a new bathroom and utility room for an addition I'm going to build If I stay healthy. I moved here last year because my lovely wife said we need to retire on our 5 aches in the woods. Were we have an unfinished cottage that we put up in 2001. It has the bare necessities in three rooms 764 sq. ft. I've been working with chief architect design program. I made a couple of drawings that should help you see the plumbing lay out. Attached are two PDF's. Some of the questions are, is there enough venting, and since I'm building on a slab my main drain will be 4ft down in the sand so do I just use a combo tee/wye to connect drains. The other things is can I run a 28 foot vent from the kitchen to the 3 inch roof vent or use a AAV since the kitchen sink is under a window. Any help would be appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: JACOB GREENE (Tempe, AZ), 10/22/2016

can you inlarge the 2nd drawing, on our is destorted when i try and inlarge. cant read what is what

- CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ (Santa Monica, CA), 09/18/2017

I hope this image works. My pdf was too big.

- TERRANCE NEWTON (Sammamish, WA), 09/26/2017

I'll work on it and get it smaller.

- COLLEEN NEAL (Marietta, GA), 09/27/2017

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