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When we decided to remodel our kitchen, we kept the GE portable dishwasher that had a double hose with a snap ring, but replaced the kitchen faucet with a Moen (three holes for faucet, sprayer and single handle). I was surprised when I could not hook up the double hose snap ring to the end of the faucet because the end of the faucet did not have an extended lip for the snap ring to lock it in place. I went to various plumbing supply stores and purchased various adapters. Although they fit snugly at the snap ring, none would connect to the faucet. Later on, I met up with a man who claimed to be more experienced with plumbing. He informed me that Moen faucets are not designed to be hooked up to portable dishwashers. And he said that even if they could be connected, the single handle would eventually develop a leak due to the water pressure. A permanent dishwasher connection would require a major kitchen re-design and significant expense. A more economical alternative is to replace the faucet. But I don't want to repeat my mistake. So what particular brands of faucets should I look for that will connect to, and are durable enough, to be used with a portable dishwasher? Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand of the original faucet that we replaced.
Category: Plumber Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Jackson, MS), 08/21/2017

Thanks Matt30 and frodo for responding. No, I saved nothing from the old faucet. I don't even remember the brand or model. We didn't need to hook up the dishwasher until about a week after installing the new faucet. By then, the old faucet had been picked up by the trash collectors. I am able to unscrew the end tip of the Moen faucet. That end tip has male threads that screw in the female thread of the faucet end. I use that end tip when I shop looking for an adapter with male threads of the same size but haven't found any. But even if I did, I'm worried about what that man told me. Is it true that Moen faucet handle mechanisms cannot sustain water pressures encountered during repeated dishwasher cycles?

- DANNY HENDERSON (Rock Hill, SC), 09/10/2017

did you salvage the aerator of of your old faucet that fits the dishwasher?

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (Lynn, MA), 10/09/2017

You will want a traditional style faucet without the pull out spray that you can unscrew the aerator and put your adaptor on.

- COURTNEY ERICKSON (El Centro, CA), 10/12/2017

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